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How to Organise your own Transformed Event


Three years ago, we organised the first The World Transformed festival in Liverpool. Since then, a lot has changed. The UK stands at a critical point in its history, with parliament in deadlock over Brexit and the crisis of climate change, rampant inequality and the rise of the far right, transformative political education is more important than ever. In order to rise to the challenges we face, we must understand the past and present of our movement through political education in order to build a better, more sustainable and more equal society in the future. Organising political education isn’t rocket science, but we know it can be intimidating.

That’s why we have written this guide, as a small introduction to some of the ideas and ways to organise political education events yourself. Problems, as well as solutions, will be different in different places, but we hope that this has some useful pointers for organising successful events, and gives you a sense of our experience of organising The World Transformed.


How to Organise your own Transformed Event

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